Bushfire Resources

How to protect facilities from this growing natural hazard

It's "wildfire" in the United States. "Bushfire" in Australia. Whatever the name, these quick-spreading fires are destructive—and fire season is getting longer. 

Here are steps you can take in advance to help protect your facilities that may be in the path of fire.


  • Keep gutters free of debris.

  • Cover vents with wire mesh to keep burning embers out.

  • Remove all combustible yard storage.

  • Develop a written contingency plan with the public fire service.

  • Fully train and equip your emergency response team (ERT) to deal with bushfire emergency.


  • Replace any combustible roof shingles with noncombustible materials.

  • Create a clearance zone around buildings and structures. The clearance zone should be a minimum of 100 ft. (30 m) from a grassland exposure and 330 ft. (100 m) from a woodland or forest exposure.

  • Protect windows and frames with permanently fitted one-hour fire rated shutters.

  • Consider protecting any combustible exterior walls with outside sprinklers.

  • Provide an adequate and reliable water supply to meet automatic sprinkler and hose stream demands.

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