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Use the 2019 FM Global Resilience Index

Where your partners, customers and locations are around the world affects how you do business. And having the latest data about the countries you operate in is critical to managing enterprise risk. That’s why the 2019 FM Global Resilience Index not only has the latest data on nearly 130 countries and territories, but it now also includes information on corporate governance—one of 12 economic, risk and supply chain-related measures underpinning the annually updated index.

"Resilience is critical for CFOs as trade conflicts, weakening economies, national elections, Brexit and evolving climate risks prompt companies to rethink their locations and partners,” explains FM Global Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Kevin Ingram. “We believe resilience is a choice that industry leaders make, and the Index gives executives one more tool with which to make good decisions about their futures."

Leading businesses worldwide use the index as strategic decision-making tool to help prioritise their financial and risk management activities. 

Launch the 2019 FM Global Resilience Index

Discover the resilience of the countries where your business interests lie so you can both take advantage of the opportunities as well as prevent the kinds of risk the world may throw your way.

The Resilience Index is part of FM Global's suite of analytics tools to help executives make informed choices when it comes to their business resilience.

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